The Bridge to Recovery is a residential program that transforms and heals through powerful therapy.

Located in Bowling Green, Kentucky and founded in 1972, The Bridge to Recovery has more than 40 years of experience in treating mental health issues like trauma, anxiety, depression, and codependency. Centered in community, The Bridge to Recovery’s approach focuses on the power of togetherness and ongoing support. Motionstrand has worked closely with The Bridge to Recovery since 2012, managing both their paid search accounts and their social media platforms.


Motionstrand used two tactics to tackle the challenge of increasing The Bridge to Recovery’s admissions.

Our objective was to increase The Bridge to Recovery’s admissions, achieved through paid search campaigns and Facebook advertisements. Our strategy focused on highlighting The Bridge to Recovery’s unique selling points, like their approach and therapy methods. Content was crafted to uplift and inspire, in order to evoke an emotional response from our audience. An encouraging call to action, combined positive messaging, drove users to reach out to The Bridge to Recovery.


Addressing Core Causes

The Bridge

Situated on 115 acres in Kentucky’s lush countryside, The Bridge to Recovery’s facilities are an idyllic backdrop. Verdant pastures and a babbling brook nestled in the woods help foster a sense of serenity.



The Bridge to Recovery's nonprofit status allowed Motionstrand to utilize free ad spend through Google's Ad Grant program.

Over the lifetime of The Bridge to Recovery's Grant Account, Motionstrand has taken advantage of more than $108,000 in free ad spend. Clicks per month on their Grant account have increased from 180 to 4,500, with a peak year-over-year increase of 135%. The Bridge to Recovery’s Facebook following has increased by 1,300% since Motionstrand began managing the page in December 2014.


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Our Work in Action

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