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From humble beginnings to an award-winning agency

Founded in 2000, Motionstrand started as a small design agency specializing in interactive websites. As the Internet continued to advance, so did the needs of our clientele. We adapted to meet those needs by expanding our core services and staying ahead of the tech curve. Motionstrand’s evolution as a full-service digital agency is rooted in our dedication to going above and beyond for our clients. We proudly provide unparalleled digital strategy, website design, development, and digital marketing services.

When you surround yourself with talented people, you’re always in good company

Our team is what makes Motionstrand unlike any other digital agency. Each member of the Motionstrand family shares our passion and our drive for finding creative solutions and exceeding expectations. We are a group of talented individuals who believe in the power of collaboration. There’s no secret formula to our success, we are simply an uncommon team working together to achieve a common goal.

Meet the Team

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Alisa Allen

Project Management

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Amanda Nehring

Sales & Accounts

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Annabelle Flores

Project Management

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Ashley Greenwood

Human Resources

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Bjorn Jensen


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Bjorn Jensen Sr


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Chance Grissom


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Derek Borland


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Elaine de Neef


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Harvey Kreitzer


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Ian Williams


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Kristi Norton

Sales & Accounts

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Mike Esani


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Nathan Fishbein

Project Management

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Rachel Van Berkel


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Ronnie Swietek


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Stefan Jensen

Sales & Accounts

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Stephanie Song

Project Management

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Tuan Massey


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Canine Resources

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Information Barkitecture Analyst

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